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Get Involved

Getting involved in Dinner at Vinny's is more than a donation. You are sharing with a fellow Salt Laker a nutritious meal, and you are sharing your commitment to a community that is stronger as a whole when all of its people are cared for. You are sharing a minimal amount of money that feeds a stranger, a potential friend, or a child, acknowledging that you are an essential element in building a community where all can thrive.

The Share

Dinner at Vinny's is building a community and therefore asks everyone to make a simple, 3 year commitment.

  • $50/share (or buy more than one)
  • 3-year commitment (and renew or increase your commitment annually)
  • Give in honor of your mom or dad, your favorite aunt, your best friend if you want

Why should you buy a $50 share?

Because it buys 57 meals over a year's time at Vinny's. You can potentially touch the lives of 57 human beings in a year with an amount that most of us spend on coffee, iTunes, a concert ticket, or gas for a month. When you buy a $50 share, you join the Dinner at Vinny's movement to help members of our community overcome dispair and discouragement. If you select the recurring donation option, your donation will be made again -- hassle free -- next year (and the year after if you select 3 years of commitment).

Can you commit to one share for each of the next three years?

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Spread the Word

To sustain this program, we need to sell 1,600 shares a year for Dinner at Vinny's. Broken down, this means, we need 1,600 people to purchase at least one share or 735 people to buy two shares or 490 people to buy three shares, etc. Many combinations will work to get this done, and you can make this happen when you recruit your friends and colleagues to the Dinner at Vinny's movement.

Facebook this message, Twitter it out, Google Plus it! Send an email. This is a campaign for us who know how to make a movement multiply its effect.

Can you commit to share this with a friend, colleague, or family member?

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Donate to Our Preserves

If $50/year isn't feasible for you, any amount will help to assist with food and staffing costs at Dinner at Vinny's. And believe us, you do make a difference.

Can you commit to make a donation that will help us feed families and children in need?

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