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Your Shareholder Benefits

First, and foremost, you benefit from doing a small part in this community that we all call home. You give dignity to another member of your community by helping them through a rough time in his or her life. In essence, your participation is direct, tangible, and makes an immediate impact.

Beyond that, we're interested in engaging you in the ways that move beyond a simple donation. By participating with Dinner at Vinny's, you become a Shareholder.

As a Shareholder, you will receive:

  • Invitations to 'shareholder' events (volunteer nights, service seminars, and more)
  • Invitations to meet leaders in our community
  • Opportunities to participate with the working Dinner at Vinny's committee

We hope that these opportunities to learn about others in our community and understand how service organizations work will lead to your own personal fulfillment, or perhaps bonding with friends, co-workers, or family members while being engaged in a common cause, or even leadership opportunities in our community.